About us

Professional Bookkeeping and Tax offers complete bookkeeping and tax services to individuals and businesses. We have been providing these services for over 20 years and have built a strong client base. We understand our clients' needs and deliver personalized services catering to the specific needs of your business.


Our practice relies heavily on technology to provide a quick turnaround at reasonable rates. We encourage our clients to make use of technology to communicate with us. A secure client portal for the exchange of information and documents is available 24/7.
We provide bookkeeping services through QuickBooks online and Xero online, both leading software for self-employed individuals and businesses of all sizes and industries. Best of all, you can access QuickBooks and Xero online anywhere and anytime you have access to the Internet or Wifi using a computer, your tablet or your smartphone. 
We can also work with the client's own software as long as we are granted remote access in a multi-user environment.
We can offer affordable bookkeeping services by leveraging technology to process transactions faster and accurately. Our clients should at a minimum have internet access, a working e-mail address and a printer/scanner capable of converting documents to PDF or JPEG files. This initial investment should not exceed a few hundreds dollars.
For clients that need to set up a basic technology infrastructure, we can help by suggesting equipment to purchase or referring you to reputable technology providers if needed. In most cases, this initial investment (equipment and advisory services) should not exceed a few hundred dollars.


We no longer visit client's sites to record transactions. We neither work with client's standalone software that require us to be at client's sites. This traditional but outdated scheme results in higher costs for businesses since it requires bookkeepers and accountants to drive around town incurring downtime and costs that do not add any value.


If your business is still recording transactions using standalone software, we can import those transactions to our software seamlessly. You can let go of your old software and start working with our more friendly and flexible software right away and with no interruptions to your business operations.
We do visit our clients when there is a justified business need and we cannot achieve the same results by working remotely. We limit those visits to a minimum so as to not interfere with clients operations and not to add unnecessary costs. 
By making use of existing technology, we can provide services at affordable rates since we spend our time providing chore services of bookkeeping, tax and advisory services. Driving time and downtime are no longer part of the costs to provide services.
Please check our "Pricing" page for more information about our fees. You will be surprised at how affordable our rates are. 
Do you lack the basic technology infrastructure? We can help you acquire and set up basic equipment to get you started.
Does your business record transactions using outdated software? We will import your transaction history to our software with no downtime for your business.

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